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Benefit From a Professional Bat Removal Service in Kansas City, KS

Bat Removal Kansas City KS Bats have established a strong presence in literature, film, and comics. Few people are unfamiliar with Batman or Count Dracula. Bats are also mentioned in numerous legends and folklores. Bats can represent both good and evil in these. However, there is one place where bats do not belong: your home! When bats infest a home, they are uninteresting. They scratch at the interiors of walls. They strew their droppings throughout the area. They stain walls with their skin oil. Additionally, they can introduce bat bugs, mites, ticks, fleas, and other parasites. Allowing bats to live in your home is never a good idea. Lawrence Pest Control offers a professional bat removal service. We are conveniently based in Kansas City, KS.

In the United States, bats are the primary source of rabies. Though bats rarely bite humans, bats with rabies can be extremely unpredictable and aggressive. This increases the likelihood of being bitten. However, even a healthy bat can bite when threatened or handled, which is frequently the case when an untrained individual attempts to remove a bat from their home.

As previously stated, when bats enter a structure, they leave their excrement everywhere, most notably in the areas where they roost. Not only will this create a mess for you to clean up, but it also has the potential to make you ill if you are not careful. Bat guano may contain the fungus Histoplasma capsulatum, which when inhaled can cause histoplasmosis pulmonary syndrome.

Whether you’re dealing with a single bat that has made its way into your home or a full-fledged bat infestation, we can assist you in resolving your issue. Contact us!

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